China’s first near-zero energy consumption 500 kV substation was completed and put into operation in Guangzhou

On March 2, the 500 kV Kebei substation located in Xinlong Town, Huangpu District, Guangzhou City was officially put into operation. This is the first 500 kV substation with nearly zero energy consumption in the country. So far, Guangzhou has built 400 substations with a voltage level of 110 kV and above, becoming the first provincial capital city in China with 400 public substations.

The 500 kV Kebei Substation is located in the deep mountains of Xinlong Town, Huangpu District, Guangzhou City. Liu Ruoying/photo

According to reports, the substation is the first comprehensive self-controllable demonstration substation with the highest voltage level. From chips to equipment, 100% domestic technology and materials are used, and technologies such as sponge city, photovoltaic power generation, photoconductive non-electric lighting, and 3D building printing are used to save energy and reduce carbon. . Bi Chaohao, general manager of the infrastructure department of Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau, said that through the application of technical measures such as building energy saving and equipment energy saving, the Kebei substation has met the requirements of the national “Nearly Zero Energy Building Technical Standard” and achieved the goal of “nearly zero energy consumption” .

“Kebei substation explores the research and development and application of energy-saving and carbon-reducing technologies.” Yao Bingjun, project manager of Kebei substation, said that the main building adopts all-steel structure and prefabricated construction technology, which meets the high earthquake resistance requirements and saves building space. The construction time is relatively traditional Way to save 50%. About 3,000 square meters of photovoltaic panels are installed on the roof of the substation, with an annual power generation of about 300,000 kWh, which can meet the electricity demand of office and living areas in Kebei Station. The station also adopts photoconductive non-electric lighting technology, which saves about 3,000 kWh of electricity per year.

Before commissioning, employees of Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau checked the equipment on site at the 500 kV Kebei substation. Liu Ruoying/photo

Guangdong Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau of China Southern Power Grid took the Kebei substation as a pilot, organized and carried out the construction of a comprehensive independent controllable substation, and completed the core technology and localization of core equipment without reducing the performance of the equipment. The set of power secondary system all adopts domestic equipment and chips, which fully verified the equipment function, performance and operation stability. In addition, the Kebei substation has created a new type of substation security system through the four major technologies of “intelligent video surveillance”, “artificial intelligence”, “AR augmented reality”, and “big data analysis and mining” and 8 modules of intelligent platforms such as drone defense.