Dissertation Checking Brief

With the dissertation check brief, you can quickly find out if your dissertation is plagiarized, plagiarized or other misconduct, and can make targeted changes and improvements. The following are the simple steps and methods of thesis checking:

1. Choose a good dissertation checking platform. There are many online essay checking platforms on the market, such as Turnitin, iThenticate, Grammarly and so on. Choose a platform that suits your needs for your dissertation check.

2. Upload your dissertation. Upload your paper to the chosen platform and wait for the platform to complete the check.

3. Check the results of the check. Check the check results provided by the platform to find out whether there is any plagiarism, plagiarism or other bad behavior in your paper.

4. Analyze and revise your dissertation. After understanding the results of the check, analyze them according to the results. If there is a high similarity content, you need to revise it.

When conducting a thesis check, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Ensure the concept and boundaries of plagiarism and plagiarism. If the paper is taken from another person’s paper, the source needs to be indicated and the citation is complete, standardized and scientific.

2. A single test result cannot be used as a judgment standard. For different platforms, different data sets and different detection algorithms, the search results may differ and need to be analyzed objectively.

3. Pay attention to the existence of machine errors. When the machine identifies the dissertation text, there is inevitably the problem of errors or misjudgments, which needs to be checked and analyzed one by one to prevent unnecessary misunderstandings.

Overall, thesis checking can add guarantees for the benign development of the academic world, and it can also promote the construction of academic ethics and norms, making academic research more healthy and stable.

What is a good way to check thesis, preferably for free?

The Ministry of Education will require academic misconduct detection of dissertations for the sake of fairness of national academic misconduct, and the check software on the market is generally used for the detection system adopted by universities for master’s and doctoral dissertations or for users’ own self-checking and detection in advance. The following is an example of Baidu Academic Dissertation Assistant:

1、Requirement of document format

The Baidu Academic Dissertation Assistant check system supports the uploading of the whole dissertation, but the document format may have an impact on the test results, and the final submission format will be submitted to the test according to the standard, which can minimize the impact. The algorithm of the system is complicated, and each time the dissertation is modified and then tested again, there may be a small paragraph of plagiarism that was not detected the first time (the small paragraph will not exceed 200 words, and the rate of plagiarism will generally be greatly reduced after the second revision).

2、Problems of the comparison database

At present, the published comparison libraries include: academic journals, full-text database of degree (PhD, MA, BA) dissertations, full-text database of conference papers, full-text database of newspapers, full-text database of books, full-text database of patents, full-text database of blogs, database of network documents, database of Internet documents, English database, database of yearbooks, standard library, user shared library, etc. Some personal comparison libraries and Some of the books are not in the Baidu Academic Paper Assistant checker, so the plagiarism is not detected in the documents from these. The Baidu Academic Dissertation Assistant check system is a very mature, fast and accurate detection system in the market.

3、On the issue of segmentation and sub-chapter results

After uploading the paper, the system will automatically detect the chapter information of the paper. If the school’s directory setting meets the built-in chapter judgment conditions of the Baidu Academic Essay Assistant system, the system will detect by chapter and produce results by chapter, otherwise it will produce results by section. Regarding the threshold value mainly involved in segmentation or sub-chaptering. It is recommended that either chapter or sub-chapter, to keep and school consistent.

4、On the question of how to detect the quoted content

Quoted paragraphs or sentences of others, not detected, quoted marked with the source, considered plagiarism.” First of all, whether a citation is considered plagiarism or not has nothing to do with marking the source, and whether a citation can be detected or not has nothing to do with the accuracy of the system. All these are determined by the threshold value of the system. The check system sets a threshold value for the sensitivity of the detection system. Take the usual threshold value of 3% as an example, calculated by the number of words in a paragraph (or chapter), the plagiarism or citation of a single document below 3% is not detected, which is common for small sentences or small concepts in large paragraphs. For example, if paragraph 1 (Chapter 1) has 10,000 words, then a citation of 300 words (10,000 times 3% = 300) or less from document A will not be detected. If the citation of document B exceeds 300 words, then the plagiarism of document B distributed in the first chapter will be marked in red, no matter where it is located in the first chapter, even if it is interrupted into a sentence, as long as it exceeds 20 words will be marked.

Therefore, usually a citation of an article, as many as possible to choose multiple documents, an interception of a few sentences, so that it is not easy to be detected.

But about why some references are also counted as plagiarism, or because of the front threshold problem, higher than the standard set threshold will be uniformly counted as plagiarism, once exceeded, even if marked with a citation will not help. For example, if the first chapter of a paper has 5,000 words, then the first chapter can only cite A literature of 150 words or less, otherwise it will be considered as plagiarism by the system. If the second chapter is 4000 words, then only 120 words or less can be quoted from A literature, otherwise it will be considered as plagiarism by the system. The third chapter of 8000 words, the fourth chapter of 7000 words, respectively, less than 240 words and less than 210 words, and so on. To sum up, the calculation of citation overrun is calculated by chapter, which is the same as the calculation of plagiarism.

5. About how the system calculates plagiarism

The condition that plagiarism of a paper is detected is that similarity or plagiarism of 13 or 20 character units or more will be marked in red.

6、Modification methods of plagiarism

In addition to those mentioned in point 4, there are also ways to modify the red text, such as changing words, changing sentences, changing descriptions (original sentences to inverted sentences, passive sentences, active sentences, etc.), disrupting paragraph order, deleting key words, key sentences, etc. Using a combination of these methods can effectively reduce the copy ratio and ensure a smooth passage. Overall, you need to try to keep it literally different from the original sentence while ensuring the smoothness of the revised sentence.

Here are the steps to use:

(1) First of all, Baidu search “Baidu academic essay assistant” essay detection check network;

Baidu academic paper assistant:

Open the following figure:

(2) Then click on “checkweighing detection”

(3) fill in the “paper title”, “paper author” (if you have published this article, or cited your own previously published articles, please fill in the real name of the author), the content of the paper copy to the text inside the test or click “Select file” to upload the paper to be tested, after uploading is complete, click “submit order” to pay for the test report;

(4) The detection report is downloaded, the detection time is generally 1 minute to 2 hours, the average time is within 1-3 minutes, the detection time may be extended during the peak period, wait patiently.

(5) After the check is completed, you can download the test report of the Baidu Academic Essay Assistant essay check system, for the Baidu Academic Essay Assistant system the report can be viewed online, you can also download the html format check

(6) When checking the control report, you will find that the control report is the same as the full citation in the top part, and then look down, there will be two columns of content, one is the original content, and one is the source of similar content, the main function of the control report is to tell students where the source of the plagiarized content is, what content is similar to others, so that we can target to modify the content of the paper.

What does a check report look like?

Each thesis check report will have a number, and we can use the unique test report number to verify it on the official website of the check platform. This number is helpful to avoid forgery or theft of the thesis.

Usually red and orange fonts indicate duplicate content, reminding you that these are required to be modified, while green fonts indicate that they are qualified and not found to be duplicated for the time being.

Green: Original part, indicating that no similar statements are detected.

Red: Heavy plagiarism part, 70%~100% similarity, highly recommended to modify.

Orange: light plagiarism part, similarity 40%~70%

Of course, there will be some differences in the labeling of different dissertation check systems, but there are usually explanations in the dissertation check reports, and we just need to check carefully what the different colors mean.

Extended information:

The significance of the check report:

I. Detection of academic misconduct

The so-called thesis check is to check whether there is too much overlap between your thesis and other people’s articles that have been published and uploaded to academic journal websites (such as China Knowledge Network, etc.) through the relevant testing software. If the overlap is too high, e.g. more than 30%, the specific standard varies from university to university and from journal to journal, but generally the threshold is 5%, 10%, 15%, 30%.

Then your article will be deemed to be plagiarized, which means there is academic misconduct, and the university may not allow you to defend your thesis or the journal will not accept your article. It tests one’s academic ethics. It can be said that detecting academic misconduct is the most direct purpose of academic papers.

II, to prevent infringement of other people’s intellectual property rights

If your paper is detected by a machine with a high repetition rate, it can generally be considered to have academic misconduct, meaning that you have plagiarized (or inappropriately cited) existing research results in the process of writing your academic paper. Academic results can be regarded as the intellectual property products of the researcher, which are the crystallization of the original author’s knowledge and wisdom, and it is the fruit of the author’s labor.

If you copy part of someone else’s published article for your own use in the process of writing a dissertation, it violates someone else’s intellectual property rights, and it is no different from stealing in essence. Dissertation checking can prevent such infringement of others’ intellectual property rights to a great extent and help protect the legitimate rights and interests of the creators of intellectual products.

III. Promoting the healthy development of academic research

The direct purpose of checking dissertations is to detect academic misconduct, while its ultimate meaning is to promote the development of academic research. Firstly, by prohibiting plagiarism through thesis check, it can form a certain restraint mechanism for students or researchers and urge them to make more efforts to make original contributions in academic research, which can directly promote the progress of academic research;

Second, by protecting the intellectual property rights of others, the fruits of people’s labor will be respected, and society as a whole will have a greater incentive to create knowledge and possibly gain from such creative activity. In this way, academic research will continue to progress throughout the country.

What is a thesis check report?

Every college student will come to this point of graduating from college. In order to successfully receive a diploma, students need to write a thesis. For most students, the thesis is their first contact with dissertation, so they will face many difficulties and problems, especially they know little about the thesis check, so why do they need to check it?

What is the thesis check report?

I. Why do I need a thesis check?

Dissertation check is an effective measure to reduce academic misconduct and regulate academic style. In order to maintain a strict and honest attitude in academic research, it is necessary to check the dissertation. Dissertation check is not only to prevent plagiarism, but also to ensure the safety of students’ dissertations. Even if many undergraduate theses are not of high academic value, they must still enjoy the right to intellectual property protection. Otherwise, it is extremely unfair to those students who really work hard to write their dissertations and put in their efforts.

II, what is the dissertation check report?

After the dissertation is written, many universities in China will ask students to submit the original dissertation with a single paper dissertation check report. The paper check report refers to the paper check report obtained through paperfree, papertime and other paper check systems. There are generally two kinds of reports: simplified report and full-text comparison report. The dissertation check report mainly includes basic information such as dissertation check rate, dissertation comparison, comparison source, author’s name, etc. Usually, the duplicate part is marked in red font in the dissertation check report, the part with certain similarity is marked in yellow or orange, and the original content or qualified part is shown in black font. We only need to modify the red and yellow fonts when we lower the weight.

Why is it recommended that word documents be submitted for testing for the Zhiwang essay check

Hello 232nd visitor, modern news, newsletters, briefs, features, biographies
, memoirs, travelogues, etc., all fall under the category of essays.
The essay is mainly narrative, but often there are also descriptions, lyricism and discussion,
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