How Should LCD Display be Maintained

Some customers ask how to do the daily maintenance of the TFT LCD module. As a professional LCD supplier in China, we have professional pre-sales and after-sales service. Today we will show you how to use and maintain TFT-LCD modules.

LCD display should be how maintained, here are a few tips:

(1) avoid vibration. The LCD display screen is very fragile, to avoid strong shock and vibration. Do not put pressure on the LCD screen or LCD screen back cover on the collision, or extrusion.

(2) avoid long use of the screen. Long-term work is not a good thing for LCD, if not in use, be sure to turn off the display power. Similarly, use wallpaper and screensavers with caution when using LCD. Most of the wallpaper and screen saver programs are colorful, light and shade changes are strong contrast, long time use will make LCD color distortion, thus affecting the life of the LCD display screen. So, it’s best to use a monochrome screen and cancel the screensaver when using an LCD.

(3) anti-electromagnetic interference. Both CRT and LCD displays should stay away from objects with strong magnetic fields. The strong magnetic field around will generate extra voltage inside the display, which will affect the stability of the display voltage. Being exposed to a strong magnetic field for a long time can also cause color distortion, which can affect the display effect and life of LCDs.

(4) pay attention to moisture. Do not let any moisture into the LCD display, such as indoor humidity high LCD internal may produce a condensation phenomenon, so LCD leakage and short circuit, serious will burn the display. For some southern areas with high humidity, the LCD display screen can be placed in a warm and dry place, or the back of the LCD can be regularly baked with a low-power desk lamp, so as to let the moisture evaporate.

LCD display, although the price is not high, there are various problems. It will have various effects on our work and life. In ordinary life, when using LCD, as long as pay attention to the following points, will extend the life of the LCD.