Teach you how to choose the flat emery cloth wheel correctly

Recently, I looked through the entire Internet, and there are very few explanations about polishing. This is true from history to culture. Except for professional books, there are almost no books suitable for us ordinary people.

Today, I will popularize Laomo one by one from the frequency of use, the degree of common use, and the backward development process.

Teach you how to choose the flat emery cloth wheel correctly

The first thing to talk about is the most common “power elastic disc” option.

Name: “Strong Elastic Grinding Disc” has a development history of nearly a hundred years, also known as: flat emery cloth wheel, louver blade, louver sheet, grinding sheet, grinding sheet.

Features: strong grinding force, high efficiency, good elasticity, high tensile bending strength, low noise, wide application range and other characteristics.

Scope of application: Widely used in grinding and polishing of metal and non-metal surfaces, it is one of the necessary consumables for grinding. It is mainly used in the production and processing of furniture, machinery, automobiles, ships, kitchen utensils, aviation manufacturing and other industries, and plays the role of deburring, grinding, paint removal, rust removal, welding seam polishing and grinding, etc.

Purchase tips:

1. Performance

2. Quality

3. Price

4. Packaging

5. Brand.

1. Performance: applicability, safety;

Applicability: According to the material of the workpiece to be polished and the effect to be achieved, choose the product that suits you. For example: special for stainless steel, special for aluminum, etc.

Safety: Check whether the outer packaging is on the safe speed, safety protection, and whether it meets your tool use standards (or enterprise safety standards).

2. Quality: appearance quality, user experience

Appearance quality: When opening the carton and opening the product, the surface of the flat abrasive cloth wheel is not round, the glue on the inner and outer circles is uneven, and the workmanship is not fine. Defective phenomena such as strips, curling pieces, missing corner pieces, joint pieces, long and short pieces (deformed products), and emery cloth falling off are inferior products.

Use experience: Good grinding effect, high efficiency, no flying chips, wear-resistant, environmentally friendly, and can meet the process requirements. These are all important criteria for user experience.

3. Price: The same price is better than quality, the same quality is better than price. The most expensive is not necessarily good, but “cheap is not good” is an eternal truth. What suits you is the best.

4. Packaging: check whether the packaging method and identification are unified, complete and complete and whether they are damp or damaged. Including: on the inner and outer boxes and the specified area of the product, uniformly mark the product specification, model, grain number, quantity, brand, production date, product number-that is, the traceability code of the production batch, the type of abrasive cloth, the type of the cover, etc.

5. Brand: The CCTV advertisement “believes in the power of the brand” still has a certain reason. It is generally not wrong to buy from the directly-operated stores of big brands and authorized dealer stores. For example:

International brands (3M, Bosch, Saint-Gobain, etc.)

Special Note: The same flat wheel is used in different grinding applications, and the effect is very different. How to choose is a science. Here are some tips for safe use:

A. Check whether the abrasive cloth wheel is deformed, damp or falling off, and replace it if necessary.

B. It is strictly forbidden to hit the abrasive cloth wheel during installation, keep it tight and moderate, and ensure that the angle grinder has a complete protective cover.

C. Please wear glasses, masks, gloves and other protective equipment, and wear an apron.

D. After installation, please idle on the ground for 1 minute.

E. During the grinding operation, please keep the abrasive cloth wheel at an angle of 15°-30° with the workpiece processing surface. It is strictly forbidden to collide with the workpiece or use excessive force.

F. Do not exceed the maximum operating speed of the abrasive cloth wheel.

J. Keep ventilated and dry during storage, and extrusion and moisture absorption are strictly prohibited.

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