The letter of confession of the financial industry with technology has the landing of Bai Rongyun Chuang

“When a leading company loses its innovation ability, or its technology upgrade reaches the ceiling, it will become the potential heavy positions of Buffett’s grandfather.” This is the author’s recent Buffett’s purchase of more than $ 4.1 billion in TSMC ADR news. A comment you brushed.

That’s right, when Moore’s law slows down, the number of transistors on the wafer can no longer show the index level, the 3nm process will become the limit of TSMC, and it will also lead to it from one technology company to a manufacturing company; The heavy positions Apple also changed the number of cameras and the details of the display screen, but the processor speed became a consumer stock in the eyes of the stock god when the processor speed was “squeezing toothpaste”. For Mr. Ba, although it is more popular with stable and free cash flow, after the innovation of technology companies reaches the ceiling, the downward movement of the valuation system is naturally not what the company itself wants to see.

Public cause, new energy vehicles may be the same in the future. Therefore, science and technology must appear in an industry that needs to keep pace with the times, and constantly emerging technology to meet the development of the industry.

Perhaps the accompaniment of the technology and financial industry is the longest confession of the author.

01 Financial SaaS, Xiangyu Bank digital intelligence

Since the beginning of the transformation of financial information in 2006, this year is the 17th year of the technology and financial industry. Since 2016, innovative technologies represented by artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and blockchain are deeply integrated with finance. In this context, the financial industry is changing the source of financial information collection, risk pricing model, and the process of investment decisions through new technological information, and greatly improves the efficiency of traditional finance and solves the pain points of traditional finance.

In accordance with the trend, financial SaaS, such as privacy computing as information basic guarantee, uses artificial intelligence algorithms as the main technical source, develops technology -obtaining customers -retaining -continuous payment as a business process is a third -party information service model, which has become The transformation and upgrading of the financial industry’s science and technology and the completion of the advanced intelligence’s advanced choice. Financial SaaS not only uses the original financial informationization as the base, but also covers the technology upgrade to the related format of finance, becoming another milestone accompanied by the technology and financial industry.

According to the calculation of the brokerage report, the overall financial technology market space will exceed 250 billion yuan in 2024, and the compound growth rate of compound growth in 2019-2024 will be as high as 18.2 %. Among them, the market share of third -party financial information service providers is expected to reach 16.8 % in 2024, and vertical financial SaaS will become the main force.

Back to the beginning of the article: Why does Buffett heavy warehouse US bank stocks, but never touched Financial Technology and Financial SaaS? Because technological innovation is still continuing!

02 The button of the link of the financial industry, Bai Rongyun Chuang Technology’s catwalk

Since Financial SaaS will become the key to the intelligent transformation of the financial industry’s digital digital transformation, the leading company is naturally the main research object. Therefore, Bai Rongyun, which is ranked among the top in search engines and stock information, is naturally the target of well -known and focused research in the industry.

Looking at the announcement of Bairong Yunchuang, the business model of this vertical financial SaaS company is clearly visible: financial institutions, especially the banking industry, can provide the API interface provided by Bai Rongyun. , Directly use Bai Rongyun’s SaaS service. All the company’s three major business segments rely on the company’s self -developed AI technology platform, which are intelligent analysis and operation services, precision marketing services, and insurance distribution services.

Bai Rongyun’s investment in scientific and technological innovation is also real gold and silver. As of now, the company’s cumulative investment in R & D has reached 1.2 billion yuan, and the cumulative number of patents and software copyrights has exceeded 180. During the third quarter reporting period, the company’s new patents involved intelligent voice, federal learning modeling, machine learning models, and intelligent marketing strategies; new software copyright involved intelligent marketing China Taiwan, marketing strategy engine system, model development platform software, anti -fraudulent fraud Relationship map -SmartGraph, intelligent decision -making system software, etc. All will continue to empower the intelligent transformation of the financial industry.

As a leading financial SaaS company that regards technology as the primary productivity, Bai Rongyun’s performance naturally leads the entire Hong Kong stock SaaS section. Earlier, the company’s third quarter of the third quarter was not reviewed and operated. The company achieved revenue of 1.487 billion yuan in the first three quarters, an increase of 25 % year -on -year. The company’s largest business- “intelligent analysis and operation” cores Customer -related indicators are innovative. Among them, the number of core customers reached 180, a year -on -year increase of 13 %; the retention rate of core customers reached 95 %, an increase of 5 percentage points year -on -year. It is worth noting that the average income of the core customers of the business was 3.25 million yuan, an increase of 26 % year -on -year, which was enough to reflect the easy superimposed and strong user stickiness of Bai Rongyun’s API products.

During the reporting period, Bai Rongyun has officially joined the Huawei Kunpeng Wing Wing Partnership Plan. Its decision engine has successfully completed the compatible adaptation certification of the Kunpeng 920 processor and OpenUler 20.03 operating system, which has made the top spot in the field of financial innovation.

The letter of confession of the financial industry with technology has the landing of Bai Rongyun Chuang


Every time the wave of science and technology, a group of enterprises and investors will be achieved. Instead of complaining that the wheels of the times are rotating too fast, it is better to join the seat. Bai Rongyun also seemed to be constantly voicing: “Remember to make himself a beneficiary in every technological change.”