To create a full-stack industrial security credible, Inspur Yunzhou won the National Real Network Drill Excellent Defense Enterprise

Jinan, Feb. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On Feb. 23, at the 2023 China Network and Data Security Industry Summit Forum, Inspur Yunzhou won the “Cast Network 2022” Industrial Internet Security Real Network Drill Excellent Defense Practice The enterprise demonstrates the innovative practice of tempering the full-stack trustworthiness of industrial security.

The “Casting Network 2022” industrial Internet security real-network drill is aimed at national networked industrial enterprises, industrial Internet platform enterprises, and logo analysis enterprises. It uses methods such as port scanning, system vulnerability exploitation, and account brute force cracking to conduct layer-by-layer penetration attack drills on the target system. The purpose is to test the level of security threat discovery, security protection and emergency response, guide enterprises to improve their own security protection capabilities, improve the network security classification and classification management system of industrial Internet enterprises, and promote the high-quality development of industrial Internet.

Won the Excellent Defense Practice Enterprise

Inspur Yunzhou Industrial Internet Platform, as the target system, ran smoothly during the drill, all business modules can be accessed normally, business can be handled normally, and all functional modules are normal. Inspur Yunzhou organizes personnel to conduct security monitoring 7*24 hours, real-time monitoring of security alarms generated by security devices such as WAF (website application-level intrusion prevention system), situational awareness, log auditing, application and host security protection systems, and monitoring of existing attacks Carry out safety protection work such as safety monitoring, research and judgment analysis, emergency response, traceability, evidence collection and reporting, and successfully complete the defense task.

For a long time, Inspur Yunzhou has attached great importance to the research and development of major industrial safety technologies. Relying on carriers such as the Shandong Manufacturing Innovation Center, it has helped to realize the full-stack trustworthiness of industrial safety. It has done precise protection through industrial safety technologies such as trusted computing and active immunization, and continued to develop industrial security. Research and development of a series of security products such as security operating system, identification analysis data security gateway, and security core.

As a platform-level industrial security operator, Inspur Yunzhou provides enterprises with overall industrial security management and operation services guided by the full life cycle needs of industrial users. The overall industrial security management system takes the industrial security operating system and integrated software and hardware equipment as the starting point, and establishes a multi-level platform security protection system, covering access layer security, infrastructure security, network security, platform security, application security, and data security . Innovate the service model with the concept of safe operation, form an active and dynamic safety operation system through “safety operation center + safety product + safety operation”, establish continuous monitoring, analysis and judgment, risk traceability, threat early warning, safety defense, emergency response Closed-loop safety protection mechanism for disposal. At the same time, with the “platform + service” model, upgrade and build a security product system to provide users with full-stack security services from technology to operation.

To create a full-stack industrial security credible, Inspur Yunzhou won the National Real Network Drill Excellent Defense Enterprise

At present, the industrial security integration solution jointly created by Inspur Yunzhou has been recognized by many authorities. In October 2022, successfully passed the three-level evaluation of graded protection; participated in the national industrial safety classification and classification pilot, and was selected as a typical case of data security management pilot in the industrial field; the software and hardware integrated industrial safety early warning platform development and key technology research projects were selected by the Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology In 2022, the innovation capability improvement project for small and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprises in Shandong Province (the second batch) will be established; jointly with the Southern Branch of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and the National Engineering Research Center for Electric Vehicles, a digital information and communication security laboratory will be established to promote the innovation and development of the Internet of Vehicles industry.