Township Township Fujian: Sweet potatoes are happy to get a bumper harvest

Right now, the season when the sweet potato harvests is in the Chen Tianxing family farm in Zhangtang Town, Dongshan County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, looking at it, the neat field ridge is filled with a pile of sweet potatoes. The villagers are busy with potato, mud, pretending Bags, handling, enjoy the joy brought by the harvest, the scene of a bumper harvest in the fields.

“Now more than a dozen workers are arranged every day, and the total one day collects about 24,000 pounds.” According to Chen’s recruitment of the head of the farm, there are 25 acres of sweet potatoes grown in the farm. “, Commonly known as” watermelon red “, well -proportioned body, sweet skin, plus this land is sandy texture, the sweet potato taste is soft and glutinous, especially delicious, very popular in the market, and the sales are very good.

“Our sweet potatoes are mainly sold to Guangdong. The price of one pound is about five. The next price will rise again. When this batch is harvested, the next batch can be collected.” Chen recruiting students happily said.

The sweet potatoes that are now harvesting are the first batch of harvests after the re -cultivation of the land. The early spring field echoed in the joy of harvest. Who had thought that a few months ago, there was a weeds of weeds. It is understood that in recent years, the youth of Changtang Town, Dongshan County has worked or studied, and many fields have become more barren. Beginning last year, Changtang Town fully implemented the strategy of “hiding food in the ground, hiding food in the technology”, and set off a wave of rectification and rectification production in wasteland.

“Through the publicity of the households, we will concentrate on leases with unified leading farms, concentrate on reclamation, and then promote the planting of priority varieties to promote the development of agricultural land use.” Said Lin Zhen, director of the Agricultural and Rural Service Center of Changtang Town, Dongshan County.

Huwei Village is a microcosm of the transformation of the wasteland in Changtang Town. Through various forms such as “farmers’ self -planting, village collective or large households”, 52 farmers in 52 households have 35 acres of farmland, planting various crops such as sweet potatoes and carrots. Actively revitalize the “sleeping” land resources so that the wasteland will become “rich fields”.

Township Township Fujian: Sweet potatoes are happy to get a bumper harvest

Lin Zhen said that the orderly organization of farmers will be put into production in an orderly manner, effectively grasping food and stable production protection, continuously promoting the reclamation and reclamation of the wasteland, making the wasteland become rich, so that the masses can be affordable, hopeful, and add vitality to the revitalization of the countryside.