We are in the “best era” in the field of artificial intelligence

At present, technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things are changing with each passing day, and the connection with social economy and ordinary people’s life is becoming increasingly close. Especially recently, ChatGPT burst into fire, and once again set off a wave of artificial intelligence in the world. AI has gradually blurred its own tool attributes and is changing people’s thinking concepts and action methods.

As an expert in the field of cloud computing and artificial intelligence in China, what issues will Wang Jian pay attention to and what proposals do you bring?

Small, medium and micro enterprises are also the subject of innovation

In Zhejiang, every 10 companies have about 9 small and medium -sized enterprises. On March 2nd, the special operation of the “Little Micro Young” in Zhejiang Province was launched in Hangzhou.

Wang Jian was glad to see that Zhejiang always spared no effort to relieve difficulties for small and medium -sized enterprises, stimulating the vitality of enterprises. At the same time, he also believes that small and medium -sized enterprises need policies, financial support, and service support, and more need to change their understanding and concept of their knowledge and concepts.

“In fact, small and medium -sized enterprises are the main body of innovation, especially in terms of scientific and technological innovation, especially application research and technological development, and are becoming increasingly important answers.” Wang Jian said that the innovation that small and micro enterprises can do may be Large companies can’t do it. The best example is the recently popular CHATGPT. OpenAI, which develops this intelligent application service, is an authentic small company.

Therefore, he believes that in this sense, the attention and assistance of small and medium -sized enterprises from all walks of life must first be corrected and changed from the level of understanding. “Only by recognizing it can policies really be in place.”

Wang Jian summarized three points on the thinking behind the ChatGPT phenomenon: First, it is always important for scientific and technological innovation; the other is whether ChatGPT will cause profound changes in the business model, and it remains to be observed, but at the technical level, this is indeed qualitative quality The leap; the third is that in the face of this leap, the opportunities and challenges facing our country, especially the breakthrough in AI technology in the industrial field, is worth looking forward to.

The first is to ask questions

For the upsurge caused by the ChatGPT, Wang Jian believes that on the surface, this is a breakthrough in AI applications, but it is essentially a profound change in the AI methodology.

“Although we still need to catch up in the processing of processor, due to the development of cloud computing, it has computing power like ChatGPT, and it can be achieved through cloud computing.” Wang Jian said. When it comes to AI technology gaps, he said that our chip capacity is still gap with others, but it cannot be generally vaguely noticed. While solving the basic conditions, we must also reflect on creative ability to solve problems. He still believes that this is the best era. “Because of the restraint of our things, there are not as many pasts, and not as much as we think.”

In the face of this profound change, how do we need to innovate? How to force? Wang Jian expressed his thinking.

We are in the “best era” in the field of artificial intelligence

In his opinion, the ability to innovate first is the ability to ask questions. A good question is the understanding of the problem and the current situation of the current technical status, and there are just right judgments. Therefore, it is very important to understand our own needs, technical status and “touching the future”. Wang Jian believes that this is a vital technical judgment and strategic choice. “If you can’t ask a problem or choose an error, you will miss the opportunity and always follow. For example, for us, compared with the chat field, the artificial intelligence breakthrough in the industrial field is obviously more urgent.”

The restraint of our things is not as many as in the past, and we are not as much as we think.