Hundreds of 3D printing equipment is put into operation to achieve the upgrading of aerospace liquid power manufacturing technology

On the 3rd, it was learned from the Sixth Hospital of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group (hereinafter referred to as: Sixth Academy of Aerospace Technology), and Xi’an Aerospace Engine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Xifa Co., Ltd.) Aerospace Special Component Material Manufacturing Technology Innovation Center of the Sixth Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology All are in place and operate to form productivity for the development of the manufacturing industry, and fully support the production and development of key engine components of engines, and promote the optimization and upgrading of liquid power research and production models.

Adapted material manufacturing technology, also known as 3D printing technology, is a manufacturing technology that uses metal powder and metal wires to achieve component integrated formation by layer -by -layer printing and accumulation. The aerospace liquid rocket engine needs to adopt a large number of difficult processing materials such as high -temperature alloy, titanium alloy, etc. The design structure is complex, the process is long, and its lightweight, low cost, rapid development of urgent needs and high degree of freedom of 3D printing forming are high and fast. Essence

The innovation center adopts 3D printing technology, fast, high -performance, overall production and manufacturing complex components. From the fundamental level of the principle of molding, it breaks through the traditional manufacturing technology limitations, focusing on solving the “emergency, difficult, danger, and heavy in the development of aerospace liquid power. The development of the zero component of the zero part, the product qualification rate, the manufacturing process and reliability are significantly improved, and the upgrading of the aerospace liquid power manufacturing technology has been realized.

According to reports, the innovation center has continued to consolidate the foundation of the engineering application of additive manufacturing, and has taken the lead in opening up the key links of engineering applications and industrialization in China. In 2021, the planning and implementation of the industrialization system demonstration and specific implementation. At present, the successful domestic and international first -class 100 additional material manufacturing equipment industrialization and R & D center are successfully built. , Development in the direction of digitalization and lean.

Hundreds of 3D printing equipment is put into operation to achieve the upgrading of aerospace liquid power manufacturing technology

Xifa Corporation stated that it will continue to strengthen the research of cutting -edge additive manufacturing technology, give full play to the role of the innovation center platform, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation with domestic advantage scientific research institutes. In -depth cooperation of the unit to enhance the application of additive manufacturing. At the same time, relying on the technological and resource advantages of the manufacturing industry center of adding materials, absorb the manufacturing resources of high -quality add materials in social high -quality additive materials, build a safe, credible, coordinated and efficient additive manufacturing cloud platform, realize the widespread interconnection of various additive manufacturing resources, form a strong Manufacturing service capabilities.